The monthly Interaction Meetings provide an informal meeting ground for the community of Nijmegen researchers working at the intersection of language and social interaction. The interdisciplinary meetings feature researchers from all across campus, with participants from the Centre for Language Studies, Donders Institute, and Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

The meetings are sponsored by the Elementary Particles of Conversation project and organised by Marieke Woensdregt (CLS), Wim Pouw (Donders/MPI), Natalia Levshina (MPI), and Mark Dingemanse (CLS/Donders/MPI). Topics covered represent the breadth of interdisciplinary work on language and interaction going on in Nijmegen, from human interaction to cultural evolution and from natural language processing to experimental psycholinguistics.

Join us

Interested in joining our meetings? You can subscribe to the mailing list by emailing Marieke Woensdregt or by clicking here (if you’re on the RU network).

During the corona pandemic we meet online (subscribe to the mailing list or contact us for details). Our physical meeting location is E20.27, the sky lounge atop the Erasmus building with great views of Nijmegen.

We use the interaction meetings for informal talks on ongoing work, and for journal club-type discussions of classics, new papers, and drafts from interaction meetings members.


22 June 2021Journal clubLevshina & Moran, Efficiency in human languages: Corpus evidence for universal principles Anita Slonimska
13 Apr 2021Journal clubBender et al. (2020). Climbing towards NLU: On Meaning, Form, and Understanding in the Age of DataMarieke Woensdregt
17 Dec 2020Draft DiscussionDraft: Timing in conversation is dynamically adjusted turn by turn (Pouw & Holler) Mark Dingemanse
10 Nov 2020Journal clubClassics: Relevance Theory (as summarised in Wilson & Sperber 2004) Wim Pouw
29 Sept
Journal clubMark Dingemanse (2020). The space between our heads. Aeon.Marieke Woensdregt
TalkWim Pouw: Multiscale kinematic analysis of evolving manual languages in the labMarieke Woensdregt
Journal clubFusaroli et al. (2014). Dialog as interpersonal synergyMarlou Rasenberg
Journal clubMüller et al. (2019). The Influence of Shared Visual Context on the Successful Emergence of Conventions in a Referential Communication TaskAshley Micklos
10 Mar 2020TalksEvelien Heyselaar: Long-term syntactic priming: Priming affects syntactic processing one week and one month post-exposure
Natalia Levshina: Efficiency and Zipf: Word length, frequency and average predictability in typologically diverse languages
Marieke Woensdregt
2 Feb 2020Journal clubLevinson & Holler (2014). The origin of human multi-modal communicationMarieke Woensdregt
14 Jan 2020Journal clubGibson et al. (2019). How efficiency shapes human languageMarieke Woensdregt
Our kick-off meeting in the sky lounge of the Erasmus building