3 conferences in September

It’s a busy month for ElPaCo project as we present papers, lectures and tutorials at the Joint Conference on Language Evolution in Kanazawa, KONVENS 2022 in Potsdam, and Interspeech 2022 in Incheon, Korea.

At the Joint Conference on Language evolution we presented new comparative and computational work on the cross-linguistic shapes and cultural evolution of response tokens (work by Marieke Woensdregt, Andreas Liesenfeld and Mark Dingemanse).

At KONVENS in Potsdam, team members Andreas Liesenfeld, Ada Lopez and Mark Dingemanse presented a tutorial covering work on conversational corpora, conversational AI, and ASR, building on the research programme set out in our ACL paper.

Also at KONVENS, Ada Lopez presented her first first author paper coming out of her Research MA lab rotation in the ElPaCo project. Pointing ASR at conversational corpora in 3 languages, we go beyond WER and trace what goes missing. Check out the short paper here.

At Interspeech 2022 in Incheon, Andreas Liesenfeld and Mark Dingemanse presented a first foray into language-agnostic approaches to identifying and comparing response tokens (aka backchannels) in conversational audio corpora across 16 languages (8 phyla). Find the paper here.