Digital Humanities grant to support our work

Some excellent news to end the year on: we were awarded a grant from the Digital Approaches to the Humanities programme of the Netherlands eScience Center. The eScience center is the Netherlands’ national centre for academic research software.

One of our longer term goals is to make an impact on work in NLP and linguistics by building digital tools that support qualitative and quantitative approaches to conversational structure. Andreas Liesenfeld, postdoc in the ElPaCo project: “Support from the eScience center will help us to improve our existing codebase and work towards broader impact.”

L: New ways of visualizing conversational flow ( R: Clustering Dutch conversational words using methods from bioacoustics (

The funding means that the project can host a professional software engineer for a year. PI Mark Dingemanse: “Our work is code-heavy and we place special emphasis on new and compelling ways to analyse and visualize conversational structure. To do this well we need to pioneer new computional tools. We’re happy that the eScience center offers this opportunity to contribute to the strength and longevity of our project.”