ElPaCo at CUI’23

The ElPaCo team is represented at the 5th International Conference on Conversational Interfaces (CUI’23) at Eindhoven University of Technology, July 19-21 2023.

Andreas Liesenfeld presents a poster on behalf of the team (co-authored with Ada Lopez and Mark Dingemanse) on Opening up ChatGPT. The poster comes with a short paper in the CUI proceedings and with a live tracker of degrees of openness in current large language models of the instruction-following kind: opening-up-chatgpt.github.io.

Liesenfeld, A., Lopez, A. & Dingemanse, M. 2023. “Opening up ChatGPT: Tracking Openness, Transparency, and Accountability in Instruction-Tuned Text Generators.” In CUI ’23: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Conversational User Interfaces. July 19-21, Eindhoven. doi: 10.1145/3571884.3604316 (arxiv).

Mark Dingemanse was keynote speaker alongside Manuel Giuliani and Verena Rieser at the 2nd installment of the Working with Troubles and Failure in Human-Robot Interaction workshop (WTF 2023), co-located with CUI’23.

While today’s language models may allow us to paper over deficits in understanding by generating coherent and confident prose, conversational user interfaces usually need to go beyond simulating conversation, and would ideally support modes of interaction that approach the resilience and flexibility of human language use. My main goal in this talk is to review some of the ways in which the empirical study of human interaction can contribute towards this goal.

Mark Dingemanse