Openness is crucial for cumulative science. PDFs on this page are made available under the Taverne amendment to Dutch copyright law, which allows researchers based in The Netherlands to openly share their publicly funded work.

💡 Spotlight

Beyond Single-Mindedness (doi, pdf) — A fundamental fact about human minds is that they are never truly alone. Writing as a transdisciplinary collective assembled from across the cognitive sciences, we highlight the opportunity for a figure-ground reversal that puts interaction at the heart of cognition.

From text to talk (doi, pdf) — Linguistically diverse conversational corpora are a crucial yet largely untapped resource for computational linguistics and language technology. We show how such data harbours important insights about turn-taking, sequential structure and social action.

Between Sound and Speech (doi, pdf) — You can learn a lot about language by looking at what’s not considered language. In an area usually negatively defined as ‘nonlexical’ I introduce the notion of liminal signs. Liminal signs are surprisingly important to the smooth running of the interactional machinery.


Mostly for historical reasons I preserve a few reports and essays that have attracted some citations and secondary uses over the years.