Simulating phonetic evolution

Plots of where in a phonetic possibility space different words end up after 10,000 rounds of interaction, across 20 independent simulation runs (each cloud of 100 exemplar dots/triangles represents a single word at round 10,000 of a single simulation run). Blue, yellow, green and orange are regular words; purple is the continuer word. On each independent simulation run, all words are initialised at randomly selected positions in the space. A shows a selection of 6 separate simulation runs chosen for illustrative purposes (showing how regular words end up in different positions); B shows the end-state of all 20 simulation runs overlaid. Parameter settings: (i) minimal effort bias 3 times as strong for continuer word (G=1250) than for regular vocabulary words (G=5000), and (ii) the bias for reuse of features (i.e. segment-similarity bias) is not applied to the continuer category.

Dingemanse, M., Liesenfeld, A., & Woensdregt, M. (2022). Convergent cultural evolution of continuers (mmhm). The Evolution of Language: Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Language Evolution (JCoLE), 61–67. PDF